Woman Loses 100 Pounds In 1 Year

On New Year’s Eve 2018, someone photographed Jenny Wagner. When he saw, he was frightened. She knew she had gained weight, but she was shocked to see a photo of herself in 240 pounds..

“I had gotten to the point where I absolutely loathed seeing my reflection,” the 30-year-old from outside of Jacksonville, Florida, told TODAY. “I still felt like a thin athletic girl. Then I would see a candid picture of me and I saw what I looked like.”

For his life, Wagner was athletic. At the beginning of 20, she married and started to gain weight. Doctors discovered it for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and gave medication for treatment. They also suggested that they lose weight but they did not tell how it is done. Years ago, when she struggled to conceive her daughter, she lost 30 pounds and became pregnant. But after giving birth, she did not reduce the weight of a child. He tried to take food in the past, but he never walked.

“After three years of denying my weight I realized this is what I looked like and this isn’t what I wanted to be,” she said.

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So she and her husband Nathan started ketogenic diet, low carb, high protein, moderate fat diet, and they joined it with intermittent fasting, ate all their food between noon and 8 o’clock. For 30 days he only consumed 20 pure carbs and zero grams of sugar. That month he lost 15 pounds.

For nine months, Wagner got trapped with a keto diet and lost 80 pounds. While he prefers to eat less carbs, he gradually changed his eating habits so that the diet could be more durable, such as adding certain carbs and low fat foods.

“To lose the last 20 pounds I transitioned to calorie counting,” she said. “I was absolutely terrified that by allowing carbs back into my diet that I was going to gain back so much of that weight I lost.”

But by packing an extended diet with calorie counting, he was able to enjoy pasta and roti while losing weight. She just eats just the right part and gets trapped with fasting.

“I transitioned to a way of eating for the rest of my life,” Wagner explained.

With a count of calories he lost another 20 pounds, causing a loss of 100 pounds in a year.

After sheding almost 50 pounds, she started exercising for about 30 minutes a day. She likes tennis, swimming, walking or running.

“I was doing was mostly just cardio,” she said. “The muscles started popping out.”

Today, he lives with calorie count to maintain the loss. After leaving 100 pounds, Wagner had a loose skin on the stomach. When the stomach muscles separate from pregnancy and birth, the skin was removed with a stomach tuck and a diastasect rectal repair.


They said, “I do not want women to think about loose skin, it is bad.” I was not even 30, I did not want to keep my loose skin in my clothes. “

Wagner is proud of what’s she accomplished.

“I am surprised how much willpower I had,” she said. “I didn’t know I could be so strict.”

She shares advice for others hoping to lose weight.

1. Use the buddy system.

Losing weight with her husband Nathan helped her to remain devoted. To date, he lost 30 pounds. She also keeps her accountable to her healthy habits.

“We are the best friends of each other and we can be completely honest,” she said. “He knew that if I was eating too much, he would say, ‘why do not you drink water and see how you feel.’

2. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking water prevented Wagner from eating without brain And he saw that when he was hydrated he felt more energetic

“It makes a world of different in how you feel,” she said.

3. Measure your food.

When Wagoner first started losing weight, he did not measure what he had eaten. As she began concentrating on counting calories, she started measuring it and was stunned to see the size of her part.

“My share was enough for two to three big men,” he said. “It was a huge eye opener … start measuring your food and you will be in shock.”

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