Shravan Poornima for two days, Rakshabandhan on 15 as well as Independence Day

Varanasi, The Raksha festival, Raksha Bandhan, has its own special place in the four major festivals of Sanatan Dharmis. It is celebrated on Sawan Purnima. Shravan Purnima this time is falling on two days i.e. 14 and 15 August. On the first day, the full moon of the fast will be celebrated on August 14 and on the second day on August 15, Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated. On this day, a full moon bath will be donated. Vedic Brahmins will also perform Upakarma on this day.

According to the famous Chyotishacharya Pandit Rishi Dwivedi, the scripture states that the Raksha Bandhan is taken on the date of Parahayana Vyapini. If the full moon is two days or Bhadra on that day, then it should be discarded. Raksha Parva and Faguni are both forbidden in Bhadra. The reason is that Raja in Shravani and the subjects in Phaguni are evil.

 The full moon date is seen at 2.45 pm on August 14, which will remain till 4.30 pm on August 15. On August 15, from morning to 4.23 pm, sisters will be able to tie defense threads on their brothers’ wrists. On the day of Shravan Purnima, the sage Tarpan Kriya Upakarma is performed by Brahmins. Sanskrit Day and Independence Day will also be celebrated on August 15. On this day, there is also a law of worship and worship with Amarnath Yatra in Kashi.

Story of Rakshabandhan: Once in Satyuga, there was a war for 12 years between the gods and the demons. The gods kept on losing again and again. The war was halted by the command of Dev Guru Brihaspati. On the orders of Dev Guru, Indranis tied Raksha to Indra. With the influence of Raksha Sutra, Devaraja Indra killed the demons and demons and the gods got Vijayashree. This date was Shravan Shukla Purnima, since then the tradition of celebrating Raksha Bandhan festival has been going on among the Sanatan religions. On this day, the sisters secure their brothers and the Brahmins for a year by tying the defense thread to their brothers.

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