Rakshabandhan is the festival of brotherly love on August 15, know this week’s fast-festival

he third week of August is fasting and festive. The last Monday of Som Pradosh Vrat and Sawan is on the first day of this week i.e. 12th August. Then Mangla Gauri Vrat, Rakshabandhan, Shravan Poornima, Kajri Teej, Ganesh Chaturthi are also coming this week. The month of Shravan is ending on August 15, after which the new month of Hindu calendar Bhadra will begin.

Let’s know about this week’s fasts and festivals –

August 13: Mangala Gauri fast.

August 15: Rakshabandhan. Shravan Poornima. Shravanamasi fasting ends Yama Niyamadi.

August 16: Bhadra verse month Krishna Pakshastha. Gayatri JP

August 17: Singh Sankranti, Malayalam New Year.

August 18: Kajri Teej.

August 19: Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi fast.


Love is the only reality This is not just a feeling. This is the absolute truth, which resides in the heart from the time of creation. – “Rabindranath Tagore”

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