Raksha Bandhan 2019: tie Rakhi at this time on August 15, you will get special fruit

Raksha Bandhan Rakhi muhurat 2019: This year Rakshabandhan festival is on 15 August. The festival of brotherly love will be celebrated with Independence Day. According to astrologers, this time Rakshabandhan is not Bhadra. Therefore, the whole day will be auspicious for tying a rakhi. Many such coincidences will be formed, which will increase the importance of this festival. Four days ago, on August 11, Guru would be a direct maneuver. There will be auspicious idol on Rakshabandhan for about 13 hours. While tying rakhi from 1:43 to 4:20 in the afternoon will get special results. 

This time, the coincidence of Independence Day and Rakshabandhan is being formed in the lunar head Shravan Nakshatra on August 15 in the month of Savan. This time, the sisters will not have to wait for the muhurta to tie the thread of love on the brother’s wrist. This time you will get a long Muhurta to tie a rakhi. On the morning of August 15, it is possible to tie a rakhi from 5.49 am to 6 pm 01 pm. You will get 12 hours 58 minutes to tie the rakhi. The auspicious time will be three and a half hours in the afternoon. This time Rakshabandhan and Independence Day will be celebrated together after 19 years. The coincidence of lunar head Shravan Nakshatra will be very special. Siddhi Yoga will be formed from morning itself, due to which the importance of the festival will increase more. Yogi Arvind Jayanti, Mother Teresa Jayanti and Sanskrit Day will also be celebrated on this day. 


– Four days before Rakshabandhan, Guru will start walking in a straight path 
– Sun will be in moon and moon along with Shravan Nakshatra, Saubhagya Yoga, Bava Karan  Capricorn will  

According to Jyotishacharya Acharya Lavkush Shastri, Bhadra will not remain  this time Rakshabandhan Bhadra will be free. It is considered taboo to do any auspicious work during Bhadra. Therefore, Rakhi is not tied during Bhadra period. But, this time sisters can tie rakhi at any time till the sun sets. 

Many auspicious coincidence will be made 
Jyotishacharya Acharya Lavakush Shastri told that 4 days before Raksha Bandhan, Guru Margie will start going straight. Sun along with Shravan Nakshatra, Saubhagya Yoga, Bava Karan will be in Cancer and Moon will be in Capricorn. All these auspicious coincidences are making Rakshabandhan special this time.

Acharya Lavkush Shastri, Jyotishacharya said- After a long time many auspicious coincidences are being made on Rakshabandhan. This time due to the absence of Bhadra, the idol will remain to tie rakhi throughout the day. Just four days before Rakshabandhan, Guru will go direct and move. Along with the Shravan Nakshatra on Rakshabandhan, Saubhagya Yoga, Sun along with Bava Karan in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn are making Raksha Bandhan extremely special.

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